IDMS (Identity Management System) Airport Edition

Enables Regulatory Compliance

Enhances Customer Experience & Efficient Processing

Empowers Security Protocols & Business Rules

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Airports live in a challenging and fluid environment where constantly shifting threats create ever-increasing government regulation and costly security procedures.  The resulting workload growth means less time can be spent on customer relations and management, and with budgetary considerations often limiting manpower options, something must give or critical airport functions might be performed in a less than satisfactory manner. Network Harbor understands the needs of airports because we regularly analyze industry requirements and competitor capabilities so our team of security experts can consistently develop solutions to meet those specific security issues head-on and surpass the airport’s expectations. The result is our fully integrated airport enterprise software suite, Lions Gate™ AE.

Convenient Applicant Processing

Lions Gate™ AE was designed to provide the cardholder (the ultimate customer of the Pass and ID process) with a pleasant, yet high-tech an experience that streamlines processing while simultaneously increasing security. Cardholders begin their process for airport credential issuance by accessing a Lions Gate™ AE Kiosk where they complete an application that ensures they will meet the minimum information required for fingerprint investigation and security threat assessment including citizenship and right to work requirements (I-9).

Once the application has been successfully submitted, applicants are directed to the Pass and ID office where they can be greeted (checked-in) and have a seat instead of standing in line. A large screen (the Lions Gate™ Big Board) displays the customers in a queue so that they can comfortably wait as their name gradually work its way to the top. Users automatically receive the first person in the queue when they choose to process the next applicant and that individual’s record or application automatically appears for the user without the need to search.

Because the applicant enters their own information and source documents, users are not forced to decipher the individual’s handwriting, spend time entering redundant information, or risk having the applicant’s sensitive information overheard by someone in line. Instead, the user only has to review the information for accuracy and continue the application process. The user can then inform the applicant as to any further requirements (training, fees, etc.) and release the person from the queue.  After associated conditions are met, the software will notify the authorized signers that the applicant can come back for the issuance of their airport credential.

Key Features of Lions Gate™ AE

  • Lions Gate™ SecurityDigital certificates for every transaction. Every transaction performed by a user in Lions Gate™ AE is signed by the digital signing certificate contained on their smart card and this signature along with the public key is kept with the transaction for independent validation.
  • XML eSignatures captured for all parties. Legally valid eSignatures are captured for the applicant, sponsor, and approving user which contain the full XML for the application along with the signing statement.
  • Multi-facility and multi-access control system capable. If you plan on moving from a legacy access control system to a new one, Lions Gate AE™ makes that rollover as seamless and transparent to your users as possible by controlling the underlying Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and sending relevant data to each one.
  • Encrypted communication between Lions Gate™ and PACS. If you need the ultimate in security, the Lions Gate™ Enterprise Secure Messaging Server can deliver the data package all the way to the PACS server completely encrypted en route regardless of the PACS SDK’s capabilities.
  • Real-time links to external agency database systems. The system is also capable of communication with important airport STA and training vendors such as the AAAE (Daon), and Telos systems.

Secure Credential Issuance

The entire application process makes extensive use of eSignatures, a method of digital signing that is as legally binding as a live signature, approved by the American Bar Association and upheld in appellate court. It is actually more secure than a live signature because of the application, signing a statement, and the digital signature is combined to form the eSignature. Therefore if any of these elements are modified in any way, the eSignature will be invalidated.

Lions Gate™ AE also makes extensive use of Public Key Cryptography, a common method used in HTTPS (secure internet) communications for both encryption and identification of the authenticity of the parties involved in the communication. In the fully FIPS, HSPD-12, and PIV compliant government version of this software (Lions Gate™ Enterprise), and in this airport enterprise edition, the digital signature certificate on the smart card is used to form the digital signature of every transaction performed within the software. In addition, all users are biometrically authenticated to the system which results in a secure, reportable process where any given user, and that user only, has performed a specific transaction (non-reputability).

Lions Gate™ AE is also highly configurable, with requirements that can be set before a badge type is issued, or an access code or reader is assigned to a badge. Individual applicant requirements such as training, source documents, background investigations, security clearances, insurance coverage, and company sponsorships can all be set as prerequisites for issuance. User restrictions can also be set with limitations on what each specific user or user level can see and edit, with every transaction recorded, signed and available for review in custom-built reports.

Access Modules

Access all relevant modules from the main
home screen, with permissions set per user level.

Capture Information

Capture all applicant information necessary for
background checks and credential issuance.

Capture Images & Signatures

Capture images, signatures and biometric data
for applicants, users, and authorized signers.

Submit Forms

Applicants can submit forms and check on their
application status from Lions Gate™ kiosks.

Primary Components

Below are the key components necessary to run the complete Lions Gate™ AE system. More information about each of these primary components may be available in a separate document upon request.

  • Lions Gate™ AE Client – This base component provides numerous functions of the application process such as maintaining the applicant and user records after onboarding, providing for business rules over the assignment of access control codes and readers, and is used in the final approval of applicant requests.
  • Lions Gate™ AE Kiosk – This system allows applicants to initiate the application process and furnish personal information related to a credential request. From here they would receive printed instructions as to the next step in the process and a scheduled appointment date and time for biometric capture and credential issuance.
  • Lions Gate™ Central Hub – The Lions Gate™ Central Hub allows for the encrypted transportation of application requests between different airports and facilities within a specific airport authority. This allows for requests that are submitted via kiosks or client stations from peripheral sites to be accumulated and processed at a centralized Pass and ID office.
  • Lions Gate™ Big Board – The Lions Gate™ Big Board is a big screen customer queue system created to accelerate processing and accentuate convenience for scheduled applicants. This helps to reduce wait time and user errors by automatically calling up the next in line and displaying their record for processing.

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