Feature Spotlight: Site Lockdown

Site lockdown (or site takeover) is the ability for a single LightHouse user to lock down the entire LightHouse platform, preventing unauthorized new users from logging in and re-routing all features and functionality to the user performing the site takeover.

The site takeover feature works similar to the workstation takeover feature, which is discussed in a separate news article.  The major differences between an individual workstation takeover and a site takeover are:

1)  A site takeover will immediately log off all current users not authorized to be logged in during a site takeover, and re-route all needed command functions and intercom calls to the proper station.  (Specific hardware required to dynamically reroute audio calls)

2)  A site takeover will disable the logins for all users not authorized to log on during a site takeover, including those not currently logged in.

3)  A site takeover can trigger additional events using the Conditional Behavior engine.

When a site takeover is no longer desired shutting off the site takeover feature is as easy as opening a menu and clicking the appropriate button.


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