Feature Spotlight: Workstation Takeover

Workstation takeover is the ability for a user of the LightHouse system to remotely log off a user and take over the responsibilities of that user.  The purpose of the workstation takeover feature is to prevent a compromised workstation from being used by an unauthorized entity, or take over responsibilities when an authorized user has to step away for an extended period of time, while ensuring continued routing of relevant events to an authorized user who may not normally receive those events.

To utilize the workstation takeover feature there must be at least two authorized users logged in to the LightHouse platform.  The user performing the workstation takeover must have permission to do so, and that permission is defined by an administrator using the setup dialogs provided with LightHouse.  The user performing the workstation takeover will use a takeover dialog to indicate which workstation/user pair is to be logged off and locked down, then initiates the takeover with a simple click of the mouse.  If an audio system is integrated all phone calls that have the locked down workstation as a target will instead be routed to the user that initiated the takeover (with appropriate permissions and capabilities also transferred at the time of the takeover.)  If a video call is to occur it will occur on the takeover workstation as well on the appropriate layout(s), which can be viewed by the user that initiated the takeover.

When the takeover situation needs to be reserved it can be done by any user with proper permissions to re-authorize a workstation.  These permissions are also defined in the LightHouse setup dialogs and are easy-to-define and easy-to-use.


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