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From the beginning, Network Harbor Inc. has been dedicated to producing hardware and software security solutions based on the core principles of Security, Stability, and Simplicity. Our company is comprised of dedicated professionals that share the same common values of pride, dedication, and responsibility for all of our products and the customers we serve.

Network Harbor’s President/CEO and members of its development team developed and provided the industry’s first security systems integration platform with a product called Excalibur in 1993.  Though basic and limited by today's standards, it was a ground-breaking product that introduced off-the-shelf integration to the security industry.  Shortly after that, the Oasis (Open Architecture Security Integration System) platform was introduced. Oasis was the first integration platform to use real CAD vector graphics with dynamic icons, a truly modular architecture, and networked workstations.

Oasis was sold and distributed globally by several of the industry’s largest security product manufacturers under various private label names and boasts more installations worldwide than any security integration platform to date.

Network Harbor is the most comprehensive PSIM+ provider in the world, founded by the pioneers of Physical Security Integration.  Network Harbor develops systems and solutions to solve the problems of customers around the world and in every aspect of the government, commercial, military, and educational spaces.  With a comprehensive line of products covering video surveillance, audio networking and recording, network monitoring, personnel management, physical access system enrollment, as well as the world's most powerful integration platform ‘LightHouse’ to tie all of these together with a large base of supported third-party systems, Network Harbor is the right answer for your security questions.

In short, Network Harbor has more integration experience than anyone in the industry. We know the business, the systems, and have long-standing relationships with many product manufacturers.  We have a long and proven track record of success in commercial, industrial, government, military, and energy security solutions.

Technology Partners

Over the years we have established long-term technology partner relationships with almost all of the leading manufacturers in the security industry.  We value our relationships with all of these firms and it has always been our goal to provide the most robust integration and interoperability for our partners, adding value and features to their products as well.

System Integrator Partners

Network Harbor works with product manufacturers, software dealers, and security integrators worldwide to consistently deliver solutions that meet the customer’s specifications and exceed their expectations.  Whether you are interested in a standalone product, the multitude of existing off-the-shelf security integration options we offer, or you are in need of a new solution to address changing circumstances or new requirements, Network Harbor will assist you in achieving your goals.

Government Partners

As a valued partner with U.S. Federal Agencies and branches of the U.S. Military, Network Harbor recognizes the challenges and requirements that are unique to each project while maintaining the common principles of security, stability, and simplicity. Network Harbor has worked with our nation’s leading system integrators and government contractors in providing the ultimate security and protection of our nation's critical infrastructure as demanded by all of our government customers.

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