DnyaMIBDynaMIB is a service that allows live status monitoring and alert propagation from a wide variety of network-enabled devices, such as PCs, servers (Windows, Linux, Unix, and others), IP phones, managed switches and other networking equipment, as well as redundant power systems, commercial air conditioning units, and more. The monitored values can be almost anything, including system health metrics, uptime, temperature, bandwidth usage, number of current users, hardware/software/ firmware versions, and much more.

This is accomplished via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). SNMP is the standard protocol used by DynaMIB, which may both request the current status of a sensor or device over the network, as well as be automatically informed of a change in that status by the monitored device. SNMP is a protocol built into almost all of the most popular computing and networking devices (as well as other device types), and can thus be used across a wide range of equipment, without having to install anything at all on those remote systems.

Key FeaturesKey Features:

Standards Compliant

DynaMIB supports SNMP version2c and SNMP version 3. SNMP Version 3 allows for encryption and authentication of data communicated between the SNMP service and each SNMP device. DynaMIB supports this suite of options and does so using US NIST FIPS 140-2 certified implementations of the relevant cryptographic algorithms. Standards compliance means your organization already has equipment supported by DynaMIB.

LightHouse™ Integrated

DynaMIB feeds states and alerts to the Network Harbor LightHouse™ System. LightHouse™ is the premier systems integration platform, capable of collecting data from video, access control, intrusion detection, network monitoring, voice and text communications, alarms and more into a single coherent operator view subject to role-based permissions. Further integrations with other systems can allow messages to be automatically sent, or automatically send commands to integrated systems.

Lighthouse Ready

Customizable Monitoring

DynaMIB comes with support included for standard SNMP monitoring profiles (Management Information Base, or MIB), and the ability to load any manufacturer-provided pro le - allowing DynaMIB to monitor any state or value the device manufacturer supports and the end-user desires. The standard monitoring profiles can be refined into templates, allowing for the rapid enrollment of large numbers of similar devices into the DynaMIB system, with the minimum amount of individual device configuration.

Use DynaMIB to:

  • Monitor Network Connection Status & Traffic Levels
  • Propagate Hardware Alerts to Operators & Administrators
  • Gather Network & System Health Reports
  • Lower Support Costs & Decrease Response Times 

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