The NHI DynaMIB Service is a lightweight and efficient service used by the NHI LightHouse System to consolidate information from devices and sensors implementing the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) into the LightHouse integrated view.  SNMP is a standard protocol built into most networking and computing devices, as well as a variety of other equipment, such as backup power supplies and environmental management systems, allowing for device/status monitoring and notification without the need to install vendor-specific agent software.  NHI DynaMIB supports SNMP version 2c and version 3 with FIPS 140-2 certified encryption and authentication algorithm implementations.

Using the DynaMIB Service, LightHouse operators can monitor a wide variety of variables such as temperature, UPS battery backup status, network throughput, and much more.  The power of LightHouse integration allows for automated procedures to be activated based upon conditions reported, including sending text and email messages, activating and/or deactivating physical or logical devices, or anything else that the LightHouse system itself is capable of.

The DynaMIB system includes three components:

  • The DynaMIB Service itself, a Windows-based service using a Microsoft SQL database component (compatible with the free Microsoft SQL Express), which keeps track of the status of all monitored pieces of hardware and software.
  • The DynaMIB Administrative Client allows users to create 'templates' using standard SNMP Management Information Bases (MIBs). Templates are used to define what states/values of an SNMP capable system are desired for view and integration into LightHouse.  Once a template has been made, it can be applied to any number of devices with similar capabilities, allowing for simple and fast initial configuration and configuration updates to any number of devices, simultaneously.
  • The DynaMIB Portal is the NHI LightHouse Server component that securely connects to the DynaMIB service, and provides the status information that is then displayed to LightHouse operators, as well as automatically evaluated and logged by the LightHouse system.

For more information on the NHI DynaMIB Service, see the NHI DynaMIB software manual,  or contact for more information.  Integrating the DynaMIB software with the NHI LightHouse System uses the Simple Alert Web Service Portal, which is an optional component of the Network Harbor LightHouse System.

LightHouse is the pre-eminent physical security integration management (PSIM) platform, trusted by Federal, State, and Local governments, as well as corporations and educational institutions, providing command, control, communications, status, and alerting capabilities over a wide range of access control, video, intrusion detection, automation, building management, network infrastructure, mass notification, and more.

For more information on NHI LightHouse solutions, see LightHouse or contact

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