Permission groups are one of the useful abstractions for easily and clearly assigning proper device permissions to one or more user roles/profiles on the NHI LightHouse System.  A permission group is a list of devices which are grouped together for the purpose of assigning permissions as a singular unit.  If a permission group has been associated with one or more roles that have permissions to it, and a new device is added to the permission group, then all roles immediately inherit permission to that device properly, with no additional work on behalf of the administrator.

For example, if a 'First Floor Exterior Doors' permission group is created, one role set could be given 'monitor' permissions for the group, allowing them to see that doors in this group exist, and what their state is.  Another role set could be given permissions to do all of the above, as well as acknowledge alarms on these doors.  Finally, an operator's role set could give all of the above, plus the ability to control door locks and bypass states. 

If a new access door is added to the system, simply placing that door into the 'First Floor Exterior Doors' group accomplishes the proper assignment of all of the above permissions as required for each user role that includes the given permission group. 

Similarly, modifying the allowed privileges to a device permission group for a given role would apply that modification to the capability for every device in the group, for every user that is functioning in that role.

The use of Permission Groups to assign privileges to operator roles/profiles is one of the many ways in which LightHouse works to keep the overhead of maintaining operating user permissions low while providing unparalleled control and transparency regarding what privileges each role and user possesses.

For more information about assigning user and role permissions, see the LightHouse Server Administrator software manual - particularly those sections regarding users, user groups, profiles, individual device permissions, and permission groups - or contact for more information. 

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