The Macro functionality of the LightHouse System is a standard feature used to issue a set of commands in a precise, ordered, and timed manner, and can be triggered either manually by an operator with the proper permission set, or automatically via the Conditional Behavior Engine that is included with LightHouse 

In addition to grouping simple, straightforward commands such as bypassing alarm points, activating relays, or momentarily unlocking doors, macros can be use to send text message notifications via SMS or email, as well as message currently online system operators, and call cameras or layouts to a logged in operator's interface.

On a schedule at 6am on weekdays (Scheduled conditional behavior):

  1. Bypass main entrance alarms.
  2. Turn on the lights.
  3. Unlock public access exterior doors.

When triggered by a gunshot sensor in the South wing (Connector conditional behavior):

  1. Lock all doors in the South wing of the facility.
  2. Make an audio announcement via the PA system stating 'due to security issues a lockdown is in effect'.
  3. Send email and/or text messages (SMS) to all security personnel indicating an issue.
  4. Call primary video cameras in the South wing to the view of all logged in LightHouse operators.

When desired by an operator (Manual initiation by permitted user):

  1. Execute macros from a list or by assigned icon on a graphical map 
  2. Override macros that have been executed by the system 

And many, many more.  The possibilities are literally bounded only by the behavior desired.  This automation mechanism provides both ease-of-use to operators and can enforce proper procedures.

For more information about the LightHouse Macro capabilities, see the LightHouse™ System Administration manual, or contact for more information.  The Macro feature is an included component of the Network Harbor LightHouse™ System.  

LightHouse™ is the pre-eminent physical security integration management (PSIM) platform, trusted by Federal, State, and Local governments, as well as corporations and educational institutions, providing command, control, communications, status, and alerting capabilities over a wide range of access control, video, intrusion detection, automation, building management, network infrastructure, mass notification, and more.

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