The Network Harbor Keyboard Alert System (KAS) allows users to issue situationally-specific alerts, such as duress, security, and medical intervention requests with either a simple keystroke or a few clicks of the mouse, using only a standard Windows PC.  

The alert specifies the issue as well as identifying the person who sent the alert and their location along with other information.  This message can be forwarded to other KAS users, one or more NHI LightHouse Systems, and/or a variety of SMS text, email, text to speech phonecall, and mass notification systems.  

Which users can send what alerts, and how those messages are passed along and to who is completely configurable by the system administrator.

NHI KAS is currently being used by entities at the local, state, and Federal level to give panic and duress alarm capabilities to large numbers of trusted individuals with individual accountability for alerts and no hardware cost.

For more information about The NHI Keyboard Alert System, see the NHI Keyboard Alert System software manual, or contact for more information.  Integrating the KAS software with the NHI LightHouse System uses the Simple Alert Web Service Portal, which is an optional component of the Network Harbor LightHouse System.  

LightHouse is the pre-eminent physical security integration management (PSIM) platform, trusted by Federal, State, and Local governments, as well as corporations and educational institutions, providing command, control, communications, status, and alerting capabilities over a wide range of access control, video, intrusion detection, automation, building management, network infrastructure, mass notification, and more.

For more information on the NHI Keyboard Alert System, see KAS or contact

For more information on NHI LightHouse solutions, see LightHouse or contact

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