The Text Management System (TMS) for LightHouse is a component that integrates text-based notification and communication systems into a single coherent system for sending both pre-configured and extemporaneous messages to text-receiving endpoints, both manually and automatically, as well as handling responses.

Systems such as SMS Text Messaging, email, and mass notification systems can all be integrated with NHI LightHouse through the Text Management System.

LightHouse operators can (with authorization) send messages, notifications, and warnings to individuals or groups.  These messages can be composed dynamically by the operator or be based off of pre-configured notification messages.  Additionally, pre-configured notifications can be sent automatically by the LightHouse System when a set of defined conditions is met, using the Conditional Behavior mechanism.

In many TMS integrations, endpoints even have the ability to respond, allowing individuals receiving notification or alert emails and text messages to respond back to LightHouse.  These responses can be viewed by the LightHouse operators, giving the ability to respond to end user requests. 

Additionally, 'trigger' words can be configured on TMS.  When configured, messages from endpoints that contain any one of these words will trigger an alarm to be placed on the endpoint device in LightHouse, drawing operator attention to that user and their message.  This can allow users to register an emergency and request immediate assistance from the monitoring authority without any special purpose hardware devices.

For more information about the LightHouse Text Management System, see the associated software manual, or contact for more information.  The LightHouse Text Management System is a standard component of the Network Harbor LightHouse System, but all of the integrations (Email, SMS, Mass Notification) are optional additions.  For information as to what integrations are available, and their capabilities, contact Network Harbor Sales. 

LightHouse is the pre-eminent physical security integration management (PSIM) platform, trusted by Federal, State, and Local governments, as well as corporations and educational institutions, providing command, control, communications, status, and alerting capabilities over a wide range of access control, video, intrusion detection, automation, building management, network infrastructure, mass notification, and more.

For more information on NHI LightHouse solutions, see or contact

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