Media Management System (MMS)

The Media Management System (MMS) for LightHouse(tm) is a component that integrates disparate video and audio surveillance and communication systems into a single coherent system for viewing live media as well as recording and review of media, in a standardized and vendor-independent fashion.

Text Management System (TMS)

The Text Management System (TMS) for LightHouse(tm) is a component that integrates text-based notification and communication systems into a single coherent system for sending both pre-configured and extemporaneous messages to text-receiving endpoints, both manually and automatically, as well as handling responses.

User Layouts

User layouts are an important feature of the NHI LightHouse user interface.  A layout, which might also be called a 'dashboard', is a configurable representation of informational controls presented to the user as their primary view of system operations, device states and locations. 

System Availability

One area of any comprehensive security solution that is nonetheless largely outside the purview of Network Harbor software is in regards to the reliability and fault tolerance of the infrastructure upon which the integrated security system operates.  This infrastructure includes the computing hardware that all of the security software runs upon, the network used for communications, electrical power, necessary non-security software/hardware systems such as databases, etc. 

Permission Groups

Permission groups are one of the useful abstractions for easily and clearly assigning proper device permissions to one or more user roles/profiles on the NHI LightHouse System. 

Reporting Server

The Network Harbor LightHouse Reporting Server is a complementary addition to the LightHouse System that provides reliable, scheduled, tailored report outputs to stakeholders via the hosting organization's Microsoft Exchange Server.

Macro Functionality

The Macro functionality of the LightHouse System is a standard feature used to issue a set of commands in a precise, ordered, and timed manner, and can be triggered either manually by an operator with the proper permission set, or automatically via the Conditional Behavior Engine that is included with LightHouse 

Conditional Behavior Engine

The Conditional Behavior Engine is a powerful and flexible component of the LightHouse System, used to analyze and coordinate the results of system and device status changes in an automated fashion, distinct from the unified/holistic/consolidated user-oriented view that the operator sees


The NHI DynaMIB Service is a lightweight and efficient service used by the NHI LightHouse System to consolidate information from devices and sensors implementing the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) into the LightHouse integrated view. 

NHI Keyboard Alert System

The Network Harbor Keyboard Alert System (KAS) allows users to issue situationally-specific alerts, such as duress, security, and medical intervention requests with either a simple keystroke or a few clicks of the mouse, using only a standard Windows PC.

NHI ArcGIS™ Mapping Package

The ArcGIS™ Mapping Package for LightHouse™ is a module that allows LightHouse devices and contacts to be viewed as icons on a georeferenced map sourced from one or more ESRI™ ArcGIS™ mapping servers, visible in the NHI LightHouse Client.  

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