LightHouse™ PSIM Physical Security Information Management System

LightHouse™ unifies every component of a user’s security system in a seamless manner, providing comprehensive and total control within a single, intuitive interface, supports virtually any component, sub-system or third-party security product on the market, and has been successfully deployed in Federal, Military and Energy Utility installations as well as Municipal, Educational, Healthcare and Commercial sites.

IDMS (Identity Management System) Government Edition

In these dangerous and uncertain times, maintaining a secure perimeter in both your physical and virtual domains is paramount to preserving safety and control, keeping unwelcome hands and unwarranted eyes from taking or even seeing things they shouldn’t.

IDMS (Identity Management System) Airport Edition

Airports live in a challenging and fluid environment where constantly shifting threats create ever-increasing government regulation and costly security procedures.

SAVvault™ Network Audio and Video Recorder

The SAVvault™ VMS/NVR is the premier leader in video management solutions. Whether using SAVvault™ as a single standalone NVR or as a multi-unit distributed enterprise system, SAVvault™ is the absolute solution. 

SIPvault™ SIP Audio Management Server

SIPvault™ is a completely integrated physical security communication system designed to give your organization everything it needs to provide instant voice communications for employees and visitors, emergency paging and signaling, and alarm distribution. 

KAS™ Keyboard Alert System

The Keyboard Alert Service (a.k.a. KAS™) from Network Harbor, Inc. is a robust, scalable platform for the issuance, reception, and distribution of alerts to/from desktop machines. Its purpose is to provide your staff with a way to quickly and discretely notify appropriate personnel when an alert condition is experienced.

DynaMIB™ SNMP Monitoring System

DynaMIB is a service that allows live status monitoring and alert propagation from a wide variety of network-enabled devices, such as PCs, servers (Windows, Linux, Unix, and others), IP phones, managed switches and other networking equipment, as well as redundant power systems, commercial air conditioning units, and more.


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